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Because of the nature of custom tack, the choices can be overwhelming or it's just not possible to put it into words on an order form.

If you prefer to reach out directly

Call, text or email me!! I would love to hear from you! 

or you may contact me on my Facebook page HERE


Phone: 479-790-2828




Horseback riding and any equine sport is a potentially dangerous activity.

Please understand and follow a strict safety protocol before using any hand made or manufactured tack.

Thoroughly inspect your tack before every use for loose strands, damaged buckles or wear.

Elk Hollow Designs, Arien Harp and any affiliate, will in no wise claim any liability or responsibility for mis-care or mis-use of our tack.  The proper or improper handling or application of our product, or any understanding or mis understanding of instructions given to customers.

 Every product is carefully manufactured and photographed before it is transferred to customer. This is not meant to, and does not substitute for, careful examination before and after each use and the use of common sense.

Any injury that may result from or during the use, or handling of this tack or hardware is strictly culpable to its possessor.


Please note:

 Elk Hollow Designs does not accept returns on custom orders or any used tack.  

Mohair is hardy, but it won't last forever, and Elk Hollow Designs is not responsible to replace or refund you for your lost, damaged, misused, machine-washed,horse-rubbed, animal chewed, caught, cut or worn out (etc) tack. 

 Albeit life happens despite the fondest care, and if your Elk Hollow Desings product becomes damaged, please send us an email, and a picture of the issue!  If it is deemed fixable, you can ship it to us and the work will be done at an hourly rate (plus materials if required), and returned to you promptly!

 Please follow the care instructions you receive with your custom order, and understand that mohair, like any other horse tack, must be properly cared for to stay in good using condition, and that it will, one day, wear out....