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Elk Hollow Designs

Cordeo Neck Rope

Cordeo Neck Rope

$54.00 USD

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EHD has created this cordeo neck rope to be adjustable so it will fit any sized horse, mule or donkey. These are created using 9/16" double braid yacht rope.

There are many uses for the Cordeo Neck Rope. Many use it for bridleless riding but here are a few other great uses.

Liberty Work
The Cordeo Neck Rope offers an excellent communication tool for liberty work.

Ivy Schexnayder has written a wonderful article on the subject.

Beginner Riders
The Cordeo Neck Rope is an easy to use safety rope, which helps beginner riders to stay balanced on the horse… Think of it similar to training wheels on a bicycle!

The Cordeo Neck Rope is an excellent neck strap for people who are learning to ride bareback. Holding the Cordeo Neck Rope will help you stay with your horse and help prevent you sliding or bouncing off your horse.

Spooky Horses & Starting Under Saddle
The Cordeo Neck Rope is great for someone who has a spooky horse… whether you are schooling in the arena or out on a trail, you can hold onto the Cordeo Neck Rope with one hand while still holding your normal reins. When your horse spooks it helps prevent their mouth from getting yanked and helps keep you on your horse.

Trail Riding
Perfect for those up & down hills and tricky situations when you could possibly end up pulling on your horse’s mouth for balance, simply hold the Cordeo Neck Rope for balance and let the horse do its job without interfering

Lunging without reins- learning to keep hands still
Lunging a rider without the bridle reins is an excellent tool to help the rider develop quiet hands- they cannot pull on the horse’s mouth.
Having a Cordeo Neck Rope around the horses neck helps them stay balanced through their body while keep their hands in the correct place.

Learning the correct jump position can be hard for the rider and painful for the horse’s mouth- often leading to a loss of confidence in the team.
Whether you have an unpredictable jumping horse or you’re new to jumping. The Cordeo Neck Rope is the perfect tool to help prevent your horse’s mouth from getting yanked and the rider getting left behind.
Simply shorten the Cordeo Neck Rope and place it up the horse’s neck to hold on to over the jump.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Sarah Obrien
Beautifully made!

Beautifully made!

Tracy Goldfine

Excellent service and top-notch product! We love the beautiful neck rein we received from Elk Hollow!

Taylor Huddleston

Beautifully made and durable. The adjustability is so useful.

Gorgeous and well-made

I ordered a neck rope for my friend and her beautiful buckskin. It exceeded my expectations. The weight of the rope is perfect and the accent is done so well. It feels so well-made. In LOVE.

Gail Thuner
Gorgeous neck rope!

I didn’t even know what I was looking for until I came across these adjustable cordeos. They seem to be unique in the marketplace, and the braiding is so well done! Plus I love the ability to customize the colors. I wish I needed more because this is such a high quality product that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again!